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In a world where it's becoming essential to ditch the plastic straws... why not stand out from the crowd?

At Paper Straw People we think that paper drinking straws not only make your beverages beautiful but also offer the perfect opportunity to promote your business through brand awareness. Our bespoke printing service is a simple way to ensure you get the most out of ditching single-use plastic straws not only for the environment but also for your business. 


Pricing is based on full-colour logo/image on a white background (full-colour background option is available for an additional cost).


Single colour logo 3p per straw + mould charge* of £39.95


2 colour logo 3.2p per straw + mould charge* of £79.95


Foil printing 3.5p per straw + mould charge* £119.95


*mould charges are one off and apply to your first order only, you will not be charged again

for this cost for any subsequent orders. 


Minimum order quantity is 50,000 straws (5 boxes 54x42x42cm). 


Lead time is approximately 60 days and all pricing is inclusive of delivery within the UK, international shipping is also avaialble. 


Please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask any questions you may have, we're a friendly bunch and are very happy to help!

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